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We appreciate that your business is your livelihood, whether you have been operating for years or are just beginning a new venture. When it comes to business, it is best to do it right up front. Setting your business up correctly from the beginning can help to minimize future risk and potential liability. Similarly, properly structuring the purchase or sale of your business with the appropriate legal documents for the transaction can save you time and money down the road.

If an issue does come up related to your business or a prior transaction, we are prepared to help so that you can maintain your livelihood and business reputation. We have handled business litigation in the district and county courts of Bexar and surrounding counties as well as other parts of central and south central Texas since 2009. Having an experienced business litigator ensures that you understand your rights before going into a potentially costly court battle and allows you to be informed about the possible outcomes ahead of time. We have the experience and knowledge to provide your business with the representation you need to start or keep your livelihood operating well into the future.

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